2013 State Legislation

The North Carolina General Assembly adjourned on July 26, 2013 and will convene on May 14, 2014.

Brief History of Law (S353) Passed by the 2013 Legislature and Signed by Governor McCrory

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House Legislation:

    • H716 – Clarify Law/Prohibit Sex-Selective Abortion (WE SUPPORTED) was rolled into H695 and later into S353 which became law on July 29 when Governor McCrory signed the bill into law.

    • Passed the NC House 79-40. See how they voted here. Listen to the debate here by choosing 05/07/13 and moving the slider to about 3:45. Passed the Senate  29-12 as H695 and now moves to the State House for Concurrence.

This legislation prohibits a person from knowingly and recklessly performing an abortion or attempting to perform an abortion when the sex of the unborn child is a significant factor is seeking the abortion.  The legislation provides for civil remedies and injunctive relief and also for privacy protection in the court proceedings.


None because the provision is now law.


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        Passed the NC  House 73-39. See how they voted here.  Passed the Senate as H695 29-12. See how they voted here.

This legislation adds nurse or any other health care provider to the list of individuals who can object on moral, ethical or religious grounds to perform or participate in any medical procedure that results in an abortion. These individuals are also protected from damages, disciplinary measures, or other recriminatory actions. The bill provides the opt for abortion in the federal exchange and in city and county employee health plans.


None because the provision is now law.

Senate Legislation:

  • S132 – Health Curriculum-Preterm Birth  (WE SUPPORTED)

  • The bill passed its second reading on May 9 by a vote of 41-5 and passed the third reading on May 13 by a vote of 38-10. It passed the NC House, 69-42.  The NC Senate voted to concur 32-12. See the votes here. The bill is on its way to the Governor to be signed into law.

Based on the recommendation of a study committee, the Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth legislation will require the following be added to the instruction as part of the Reproductive Health and Safety Education curriculum:

“The instruction program shall include information about the preventable causes of preterm birth, including induced abortion as a cause of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.”


Thank your Representatives and Senators who voted for the bill.


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  • S308 – Amend the Woman’s Right to Know  (WE SUPPORTED) was rolled into H695 and later into S353 which became law on July 29 when Governor McCrory singed the bill into law. Clinic rules were added to H695 and then amended when added to S353.

The Abortion – Woman’s Right to Know law are being revised in the following three ways:

  1. Requiring that the physician performing the abortion be physically present.
  2. Requiring that the physician performing the abortion have hospital admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the where the abortion has been performed.
  3. Requiring that the DHHS have a list of resources for the mother to access in the event that she receives a diagnosis following an ultrasound that her child has a disability or serious abnormality.


None because number 1 and 3 are now law and 2 has been changed to require rules to be developed by the DHHS in order to provide for the health and safety of the mothers who seek abortions.

  • S353 – Health and Safety Law Changes (WE SUPPORTED) This bill has become our new law which combined H716, H730, and S308 as well as the rules and regulations to make abortion facilities safer for mothers even though these facilities will never be safe for the unborn children who are the intended victims of every abortion.


Thank Governor McCrory and those who voted for S353.  See our Current Alert.

The bill makes it unlawful to provide the means or participate in an act by which the individual attempts to commit suicide or does commit suicide or to help the individual plan to commit suicide.

The bill says it does not apply to the withholding or withdrawal of medical treatment. additionally, under the bill it not unlawful to administer, prescribe, or dispense medications or procedures for the purpose of alleviating another person’s pain or discomfort as long as the medication or procedure is not for the purpose of assisting in causing the death for any reason.

The bill provides for injunctive relief, civil damages, attorney fees, and suspension or revocation of license.


None-the bill did not make crossover and will not be considered.