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Meet Our 2014 Academy Student!

Every summer, the National Right to Life convention attracts pro-lifers from all over the country, including the yearly Right to Life Academy class. Since today is the second day of the 2014 convention, it seems especially appropriate to introduce our own All PostsIMG_0764 Scholarship for Life recipient and 2014 NRL Academy attendee, Rebecca "Scout" Yarbrough. Scout is from Greensboro and is a rising sophomore at UNC-Greensboro, where she is majoring in social work with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys volunteering and frequently goes on service trips during her school breaks. While still in high school, she trained a registered therapy dog and took him to nursing homes to bond with residents. In her free time, she enjoys many activities, but most recently started Muay Thai boxing. We are excited to welcome Scout to the North Carolina "family" of Scholarship for Life recipients and Academy graduates!  

Fourteen Ways to be Pro-Life for Summer ’14

Happy Summer! How are you going to celebrate? Beach trips, cookouts, and time with friends and family are great ways to spend the warmer months, but it’s also a good time to get more involved in your community. We’ve put together a list of fourteen things you can do to make a difference in the pro-life movement this summer. Enjoy!
1. Join a chapter (or start one!)
Did you know there are local chapters on NCRTL all over the state? Becoming a member is a great way to stay involved with North Carolina’s pro-life activities. If there isn’t a chapter in your area, consider starting one!
 2. Donate
 Yes, your money does make a difference! Donations to NCRTL’s Education Fund are tax deductible and help us spread the pro-life message across the state.  Alternately, pregnancy centers are always in need of new or gently used baby clothes and items, as well as diapers and formula. Look in the phonebook under “Abortion Alternatives” to find one in your area.  If you do not need a tax deduction, you should give to the fund that helps NC Right to Life advocate for pro-life legislation both in DC and Raleigh. You can even contribute directly towards our youth outreach program, Camp Joshua.
3. Volunteer
The gift of your time is always welcome! Pregnancy centers are often in need of volunteers to counsel expectant mothers, sort through donations, answer the phone, or do some light cleaning.
Teenagers are passionate about the pro-life movement, and our summer camp is a great way for them to be involved! Your high school students will come home educated and inspired to be pro-life leaders in their communities.  Registration is open at College students and young adults who are interested in being counselors for the weekend should contact Erin at
5. Be an Advertisement
Sometimes you only have to walk out the door to make an impact. Put on your favorite pro-life T-shirt or precious feet pin, or maybe slap a bumper sticker on your car. If you don’t have any pro-life paraphernalia, contact our office and we’ll see what we can do!
6.  Use Social Media Following North Carolina Right to Life on Twitter and Pinterest, “liking” us on Facebook, and reading our blog take just minutes and are easy ways to show support, receive updates, and stay informed.
7. Read the News
Stay updated with what's going on in the pro-life world. Just because the mainstream media doesn't cover a story doesn't mean it's unimportant. National Right to Life News Today is a great place to find relevant news about subjects that matter.
8. Pray
If you do nothing else this summer, pray for the safety of the unborn, their mothers, and the elderly. Pray for an end to abortion and the culture of death. Pray for the men and women who work in the abortion facilities and the men and women affected by abortion. Do it at home, at church, at the abortion facility, in the car. For regular intentions, sign up for Prayer Partners for Life.
9. Speak Up
Don’t be shy about having conversations about pro-life issues. Many people are genuinely interested in hearing the pro-life perspective even if they disagree with it. Keep your conversations friendly and factual, and remember that you’re a voice for the voiceless. How can we change hearts and minds if we are afraid to speak up? If you’re unsure of what to say, check out number 10.
10. Educate Yourself
It’s okay if you’re not an expert on fetal development or the problems with assisted suicide, but make sure you understand the basics. There are many great resources online to help you brush up on your pro-life know how. Check out NCRTL’s education page or visit National Right to Life’s website and browse the “Issue Info” section. These are both great places to start or broaden your pro-life education.
11. Educate Others
Write letters to the editor, post to your Facebook page, pin a link, or retweet about a timely pro-life topic.   You can find information at any of the resources mentioned in this list.
12.  Help Those in Need
Do you have an elderly neighbor who could use a hand with the yard work or a ride to the grocery store? The elderly in nursing homes oftentimes have no one to visit them, so check with your local nursing home to find out which residents need a visit. Maybe there’s a young mom at your church who could use an extra pair of hands at the park or a homemade meal in her freezer.  Being pro-life should be reflected in how we care for people of all ages!
13. Love Your Kids and Your Parents
We live in a culture that doesn’t always value children or the elderly, so it’s important that families act as witnesses to the beauty and value of life. Loving families can have profound effects on the culture. Show your kids you love them for who they are, and teach them the value of life. Care for your elderly parents so that your children will learn from you the value of every life even in the later years when our bodies and minds are failing us.
14. Love life!
If you don’t love life, how will you convince someone else to?
Editor's Note: This is an updated version of a similar list printed last summer.

Help Build a Pro-Life Culture: Support Camp Joshua

Did you know that the largest demographic to receive abortions is college-age women? In 2012, 32% of North Carolina's resident abortions were performed on women ages 20-24. That's 6,724 abortions a year, or about 18 abortions per day. This is tragic. NCRTL believes in the power of education to help change the culture for the better. That's why we send a college student to the National Right to Life Academy every year, and why we started Camp Joshua, our pro-life summer camp for teens. 1069377_10152087820977782_605099036_n Sometimes teenagers hear that abortion is wrong, but they don't hear concrete reasons why it's wrong. Sometimes they do know, but when they are challenged by peers, they realize they don't know how to address the opposing arguments. Camp Joshua seeks to empower teens with the knowledge and skills necessary to defend the rights of the unborn confidently and correctly. We teach them the facts about fetal development and abortion, and then we explain effective ways to share the pro-life message with others. Will you help us to train up these young pro-life leaders?  It is our hope that when teenagers leaves Camp Joshua, they will return home eager to tell other people what they've learned. We hope that when they go to college or enter the workforce, they'll remember what we've taught them, even if they're faced with challenging situations like pro-abortion professors or friends facing unplanned pregnancies. We hope that they will have the confidence to defend the rights of the unborn with eloquence and compassion. To keep Camp Joshua affordable for families, we've kept our registration fee low. This means that we need to raise outside funds to ensure the continuing education of North Carolina students. Your donations go directly towards Camp Joshua expenses, including student scholarships. Please help us as we build up the culture of life, one student leader at a time!