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North Carolina abortions decrease for seventh consecutive year

This month, the NC State Center for Health Statistics released the 2013 reported pregnancy data, revealing a decrease in North Carolina abortions, continuing the hopeful downward trend we’ve seen in recent years.
Residents of North Carolina had 19,818 abortions in 2013, a 5.5% decrease from 2012. Abortions have declined each year since 2006, with totals decreasing 33% over those seven years. The most drastic decrease occurred between 2010 and 2011, coinciding with the passage of numerous pro-life laws by the NC General Assembly (read more at Saving Lives through Legislation).
To put the abortion total in context by way of comparison, consider that 14.2% of resident pregnancies ended in abortion in 2013. For every six North Carolina mothers who gave birth to live babies in 2013, one child lost his or her life to abortion.
While the death toll from abortions remains both sobering and overwhelming, we can take hope that more mothers in our state are choosing life for their children each year. Even in the few years since 2010, we have seen a decline in the percentage of pregnancies ending in abortion, from 17.3% to 14.2%.
While you can see NC Right to Life’s full report on the 2013 abortion statistics for much more detailed information, here are some quick facts.
Among North Carolinians having abortions in 2013:
  • 26.5 years was the average age
  • 33.9% had repeat abortions; 12.8% already had two or more previous abortions
  • 60% were already mothers of living children
  • Minorities continue to be disproportionately represented, with 45% occurring among African-American mothers
While even one abortion is too many, we celebrate the many lives that have been spared from abortion in recent years. We will continue our life saving work until every unborn child in North Carolina has the protection she deserves.

Takeaways from the NC State Fair

FairBooth North Carolina Right to Life has a booth at the N.C. State Fair that is currently ongoing until October 26th. I had the opportunity to staff the booth one evening and was so encouraged by the amount of support from those who passed by. Our “Choose Life” stickers are a big hit and people can’t help but pause to look at our fetal model set. Several things stuck with me after my shift at the fair booth:

1. North Carolina is pro-life!

It can seem daunting with the ever more vocal minority of pro-abortionists defending the outrageous abortion-on-demand status quo. While I didn’t take a scientific poll, I can say with confidence that the overwhelming response that I encountered at the booth was supportive. It was incredibly energizing and encouraging to meet so many enthusiastic pro-lifers with a wide variety of backgrounds.

One woman who stopped by recalled her horror upon learning that the Supreme Court had struck down all laws protecting unborn children with the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. She remembered the moment: she had been driving to work. It particularly hit home for her as a NICU nurse. She reflected upon the many tiny babies for whom she cared: “You can’t tell me they weren’t babies.”


2. Visuals are powerful

Many people stop to see our fetal models. Kids especially love them. Children don’t need their parents to explain that what they are seeing is a baby. Several mothers stopped to point out to their older children that one of the models is just the size of their unborn brother or sister. Others looked silently and shook their head at the reality that babies the same size and level of development as our models are legally killed through abortion every day.

Along the same lines, multiple people who stopped by just during my short shift at the fair specifically mentioned the powerful ad being aired by the Susan B. Anthony List. In the ad, a couple recalls the very premature birth of their daughter at just 24 weeks – a point at which Kay Hagan and other pro-abortion politicians defend abortion on demand. Viewers see a photo of tiny, though perfectly formed, baby Charlotte at 24 weeks, followed by a clip of her today as a beautiful little girl.

Revealing the humanity of the smallest members of our human family is a poignant witness to the pro-life message.

3. The U.S. Senate candidates’ positions on life are not widely known

Available at our booth is a comparison piece by National Right to Life contrasting Thom Tillis’s pro-life record with Kay Hagan’s pro-abortion position. Many people who stop by did not know the position of either candidate. The lack of knowledge highlighted the urgency of educating pro-life voters in the final weeks before Election Day – and the final days before the start of early voting. North Carolinians deserve to know that Kay Hagan holds the extreme position that no unborn children – not even those capable of feeling pain – should be protected from abortion.

Our fair booth also features a flyer explaining the pro-life laws passed by the N.C. General Assembly in recent years under the leadership of Thom Tillis as Speaker of the N.C. House. It also lists the other legislators who sponsored and voted for the 2013 pro-life omnibus bill for those unsure where their representatives stand.

If you visit the State Fair, be sure to stop by to say hello! Our wonderful volunteers who make it possible for us to use this great opportunity for pro-life outreach also deserve a mention. We couldn’t do it without you!