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Congressional Voting Records

Editor's Note: A full list of NCRTL PAC encourages people to vote for is listed here: These US House members have demonstrated their strong pro-life stance through their votes for pro-life legislation. Name (District Number) HolingyallHolding, George (2) jonesJones, Walter (3) vfoxxFoxx, Virginia (5) WalkerWalker, Mark (6) 03U-6nNz_400x400Rouzer, David (7) dd5c63ea9343041d9deeb0d643ce8562_400x400Hudson, Richard (8) 78b1ad7b33764bd131f92ef17089bb78_400x400Pittenger. Robert (9) 1O9z-PmQ_400x400McHenry, Patrick (10) markmeadowsMeadows, Mark (11) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ ellmersnrlc Information about Renee Ellmers can be found here.

Concerned Methodists on the Methodist Church and its Abortion Connection

Editor's Note- This quote  by Allen Morris, the Executive Director of Concerned Methodists.

concerned methodist

"It comes as a surprise to many members of the United Methodist Church that ours is, unfortunately, the largest pro-abortion denomination. In several books that I have authored, I trace the history of our advocacy all the way back to 1969; at that time the Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries called for removal of abortion from the criminal code.
In October 1972 the Women's Division and Theressa Hoover filed a "Friend of the Court" brief in support of total freedom for abortion in the "Roe versus Wade" case before the Supreme Ciurt. (page 109 of my latest book "The Issues @ Hand") During that same time frame, Jessica Blockwick, former director of the Population Control Department at the General Board of Church and Society, was one of the founders of an organization called the "Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights" (RCAR) after the Supreme Court rendered it's decision in "Roe versus Wade" in 1973.
RCAR strongly advocated for abortion. Later, RCAR changed its name to the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice" (RCRC) which gave it a more appealing name, but the group function never changed. Since 1992, we in Concerned Methodists have advocated against issues such as this that are harmful to our church, and continue to do so up to the present time (and through the recent 2016 General Conference that was held in Portland, Oregon.)
We are so thankful for the delegates who voted to end our participation in RCRC. I pray for the day when not $1 will go to support abortion from any United Methodist. I urge every single member of the United Methodist Church to educate himself as to the reality in this area."

-Allen O. Morris

Executive Director

Concerned Methodists

Rep. Virginia Foxx and other Pro-lifers Selected as Co-Chairs of the Republican Platform Committee

130522_virginia_foxx_ap_605 Editor's Note- This article was originally written on the  National Right to Life News Website. WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee, the federation of fifty state affiliates and more than 3,000 local chapters, today praised the selection of Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) and Gov. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) as co-chairs of the Republican Platform Committee. "In selecting Sen. Barrasso, Rep. Foxx, and Gov. Fallin to head the Platform Committee, the Republican National Committee has sent a strong message that the pro-life planks in the Republican platform will steadfastly reflect commitment to the right to life, and that the GOP will proudly stand as the party of life," said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. Sen. John Barrasso has maintained a 100% pro-life voting record since joining the U.S. Senate in 2007. Rep. Virginia Foxx also has a 100% pro-life voting record, and has been a faithful and articulate leader for life as a member of the U.S. House. Gov. Mary Fallin has been a stalwart defender of society's most vulnerable members, first with a 100% pro-life record in the U.S. House, and now as a strong pro-life leader as governor of Oklahoma. "As governor, Mary Fallin signed into law 18 pro-life bills protecting unborn children and their mothers during these past five and a half years," said Tobias . As adopted in Tampa, Florida in 2012, the current Republican platform reads, "Faithful to the 'self-evident' truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." "We applaud Sen. Barrasso, Rep. Foxx, and Gov. Fallin, and look forward to working with them to ensure that the pro-life values embodied in the Republican platform continue to move us toward a society that welcomes the vulnerable in life, and gives them the full protection of our laws," Tobias added.

Choose Life Plate Announcement : WE’RE ALMOST THERE!

Editor's Note: This is from Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship's State Director  Bobbie Meyer and slightly edited to fit the blog form. chooselifeplates-2016 As you may have heard, even though there was a big splash with the announcement that the 4th District Federal Court had reversed its decision about the legality of the NC Choose Life license plate, yet there have been more steps required before manufacturing could begin. The license plate will come . . . just not this month. Take a look at the new design in the attachment above! Individuals' next step- Fill out an updated application (linked) and return it to CPCF. Here are Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship’s next steps: 1.  Since 2011 the DOT has changed its design specifications on new plates.  We needed to back up and redesign the plate.   DONE! 2.  Each of the original applicants are required to submit a new application to CPCF with current information. Each one will each be contacted and offered that opportunity. 3.  As soon as we have 300 initial applications   and submit them to the state, they will begin manufacturing. 4.  A great deal of publicity through email and publications will potentially bring a flurry of hundreds more applications.  Please give a copy of the application to all your family and friends! Very soon the application will also be available on the website, CPCF will continue to process that batch.  Later Choose Life plates can be ordered through local offices of the DMV. WHAT DOES THE CHOOSE LIFE LICENSE PLATE MEAN FOR NC PREGNANCY CENTERS? ·        For every license plate sold, $15 of the special fee of $25 goes to support the life-saving work of the pregnancy centers in our local communities. ·        Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship ( is acting as a conduit through which the funds are processed, not the final destination as some news articles have stated incorrectly.  The license plate will be a great help to pregnancy centers! ·        Over 65 pregnancy centers are spread across North Carolina, serving over 20,000 women every year. Their life-saving efforts provide the supportive help to assist women (and often men) to make healthy choices for themselves and choose LIFE for their unborn babies. ·        An application process for centers will insure that only established pro- life pregnancy centers will receive funds. Funds will be evenly distributed among those pregnancy centers that apply. for further information contact: Bobbie Meyer State Director Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship PO Box 38888 Charlotte NC 28278