Concerned Methodists on the Methodist Church and its Abortion Connection

Editor's Note- This quote  by Allen Morris, the Executive Director of Concerned Methodists.

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"It comes as a surprise to many members of the United Methodist Church that ours is, unfortunately, the largest pro-abortion denomination. In several books that I have authored, I trace the history of our advocacy all the way back to 1969; at that time the Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries called for removal of abortion from the criminal code.
In October 1972 the Women's Division and Theressa Hoover filed a "Friend of the Court" brief in support of total freedom for abortion in the "Roe versus Wade" case before the Supreme Ciurt. (page 109 of my latest book "The Issues @ Hand") During that same time frame, Jessica Blockwick, former director of the Population Control Department at the General Board of Church and Society, was one of the founders of an organization called the "Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights" (RCAR) after the Supreme Court rendered it's decision in "Roe versus Wade" in 1973.
RCAR strongly advocated for abortion. Later, RCAR changed its name to the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice" (RCRC) which gave it a more appealing name, but the group function never changed. Since 1992, we in Concerned Methodists have advocated against issues such as this that are harmful to our church, and continue to do so up to the present time (and through the recent 2016 General Conference that was held in Portland, Oregon.)
We are so thankful for the delegates who voted to end our participation in RCRC. I pray for the day when not $1 will go to support abortion from any United Methodist. I urge every single member of the United Methodist Church to educate himself as to the reality in this area."

-Allen O. Morris

Executive Director

Concerned Methodists