There are 316 candidates for office from our State House to the White House. This year, North Carolinians will elect candidates who will make policy decisions on abortion, rationing of healthcare, and euthanasia/assisted suicide.

These elected officials will have an influential role in whether pro-life laws are passed or repealed. How do candidates know where we stand on these issues? How do pro-lifers become informed as to where these candidates stand?

North Carolina Right to Life has been educating the public about these issues since 1973. We are a trusted source for churches, educators, and others on issues impacting our state.

We survey candidates, speak with them, research their positions and voting records, and then report this information to people across our state, free of charge.

As the affiliate of National Right to Life, we distribute their information about the federal candidates at our fair booths in the fall, online, and to many groups.

All of this takes tremendous time and resources. We make this investment so you and other pro-lifers will have the best information about these candidates on Election Day.

Will you help us with this work?  We need $5,000 immediately to print 25,000 pieces.  Please help us in our life-saving work by sending us your contribution of $100, $50, $2­5, or the $5000 for the printing.  Whatever you can give is appreciated.


For Their Lives,

Barbara Holt

President, North Carolina Right to Life