Calling all pro-life high schoolers!

CampJoshua-2016             Camp Joshua is a must-attend event for any young pro-life leaders. The weekend program equips high school students to effectively communicate the pro-life message in their churches, schools, and communities - all while having a great time with peers from across the state who are their passion for Life. CJNC15group Camp Joshua is just weeks away! We still have spaces available, but registration ends soon: please reach out to any pro-life high schoolers you know. You can direct them to or have them contact our camp coordinator or 336-274-5433.

Sponsor a student to attend Camp Joshua

We have students who would like to attend Camp Joshua but cannot without a sponsor. We do not want to let finances prevent any young pro-life leaders from attending this fantastic program. Can you give a scholarship? $95 covers the entire weekend for one student. You can give online through our website (enter $95 for the amount and "sponsor a student at camp" under "description"). Feel free to contact or call our office at 336-274-5433 with any questions. Thank you for your generosity!

Planned Parenthood Funding and the Omnibus Vote by: National Right to Life

Editor's Note: As a state affiliate of National Right to Life, we agree with their position condemning the false attacks about our pro-life members of congress concerning the defunding of Planned Parenthood.   plannedparenthood In many primary elections, candidates are challenging pro-life incumbent Congressmen saying they are “not really pro-life” because the Congressmen (or Congresswomen) voted in favor of the Omnibus Appropriations bill (H.R. 2029). This is being said of some of the most stalwart defenders of life on the Hill! Committed pro-life House members, who have 100% voting scores from National Right to Life, are being inaccurately, unfairly described as “not pro-life enough” by some critics. Some of the critics clearly have ulterior political motives, while others may merely be misinformed. “Neither Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, Congressman Robert Pittenger,  nor any other member of Congress did anything contrary to pro-life interests by voting in favor of the omnibus appropriations bill in December,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “The bill preserved existing pro-life laws such as the Hyde Amendment, and contrary to some claims, it contained no earmark, line item, or specific appropriation for Planned Parenthood. It is true that we need a new law to prevent Planned Parenthood from tapping into federal health programs such as Medicaid – but that effort was best advanced by approval of a separate bill, the budget reconciliation bill (H.R. 3762), which was immune from a pro-abortion filibuster. Although the reconciliation bill was vetoed, the filibuster-avoiding path blazed byH.R. 3762 can be employed to enact a block on funding to Planned Parenthood, once there is a president willing to sign it.”


National Right to Life took no position on the Fiscal Year 2016 Omnibus Appropriations bill (H.R. 2029), which passed the House of Representatives on December 18, 2015, by a vote of 316-113, and which subsequently passed the Senate and was enacted into law. Whatever the other merits or demerits of that bill, no member of Congress did anything contrary to PRO-LIFE interests by voting for it. Contrary to some claims, that bill contained no earmark, line item, or specific appropriation for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood receives most of its federal funds simply by tapping into longstanding federal programs such as Medicaid, and to prevent this would require enactment of a new law. The omnibus appropriations bill was ill-suited to serve as a vehicle for enacting such a new law, because an omnibus appropriations bill is subject to filibuster, and because it contains funding for most government programs (veterans, military, law enforcement, etc.). Instead, National Right to Life advocated enactment of a law to bar funding for Planned Parenthood as part of the budget reconciliation bill (H.R. 3762), which was not subject to filibuster. The House gave preliminary approval to this pro-life budget reconciliation bill on October 23, 2015, and it subsequently won Senate approval as well, since it was not subject to filibuster. President Obama vetoed H.R. 3762 -- just as he would have vetoed any appropriations bill or other type of bill that limited funding to Planned Parenthood -- but the filibuster-avoiding path blazed by H.R. 3762 can be employed to enact a prohibition on funding to Planned Parenthood, once there is a president in office willing to sign it.

Congressional Voting Records

Editor's Note: A full list of NCRTL PAC encourages people to vote for is listed here: These US House members have demonstrated their strong pro-life stance through their votes for pro-life legislation. Name (District Number) HolingyallHolding, George (2) jonesJones, Walter (3) vfoxxFoxx, Virginia (5) WalkerWalker, Mark (6) 03U-6nNz_400x400Rouzer, David (7) dd5c63ea9343041d9deeb0d643ce8562_400x400Hudson, Richard (8) 78b1ad7b33764bd131f92ef17089bb78_400x400Pittenger. Robert (9) 1O9z-PmQ_400x400McHenry, Patrick (10) markmeadowsMeadows, Mark (11) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ ellmersnrlc Information about Renee Ellmers can be found here.

Concerned Methodists on the Methodist Church and its Abortion Connection

Editor's Note- This quote  by Allen Morris, the Executive Director of Concerned Methodists.

concerned methodist

"It comes as a surprise to many members of the United Methodist Church that ours is, unfortunately, the largest pro-abortion denomination. In several books that I have authored, I trace the history of our advocacy all the way back to 1969; at that time the Women's Division of the General Board of Global Ministries called for removal of abortion from the criminal code.
In October 1972 the Women's Division and Theressa Hoover filed a "Friend of the Court" brief in support of total freedom for abortion in the "Roe versus Wade" case before the Supreme Ciurt. (page 109 of my latest book "The Issues @ Hand") During that same time frame, Jessica Blockwick, former director of the Population Control Department at the General Board of Church and Society, was one of the founders of an organization called the "Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights" (RCAR) after the Supreme Court rendered it's decision in "Roe versus Wade" in 1973.
RCAR strongly advocated for abortion. Later, RCAR changed its name to the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice" (RCRC) which gave it a more appealing name, but the group function never changed. Since 1992, we in Concerned Methodists have advocated against issues such as this that are harmful to our church, and continue to do so up to the present time (and through the recent 2016 General Conference that was held in Portland, Oregon.)
We are so thankful for the delegates who voted to end our participation in RCRC. I pray for the day when not $1 will go to support abortion from any United Methodist. I urge every single member of the United Methodist Church to educate himself as to the reality in this area."

-Allen O. Morris

Executive Director

Concerned Methodists