“I have made it my personal mission to be a voice for these innocent babies”

Rosemary Rozario attended NCRTL’s high school leadership weekend, Camp Joshua, last month.

Life. One word, four letters, and an endless amount of opportunities for those lucky enough to survive it. Unfortunately, not many are granted this gift or at least given the chance to unwrap and enjoy the treats in store for them in this world. Among them are the unborn, voiceless victims of abortion. These are the forgotten children who face discrimination based on their size, their level of development, the environment they live in, and the dependence they must have on their mother. CJNC15groupEven though these babies are smaller than we are, understand less than we do, and may not be as free to move about and be independent as we are, that does not mean they are less human than we are! Abortionists, lawmakers, and various communities fail to accept that life begins at conception and this same ignorance has ended a shameful amount of heartbeats in the past decades. However, we will end this massacre once and for all. No matter how many times we must pray in front of abortion facilities, go out on marches, raise money for struggling mothers who have chosen life, and help post-abortion mothers find hope. We will speak up for these babies and win them their justice. Camp Joshua has given me the confidence to say such bold statements about such a sensitive topic. It allowed me to speak to teenagers who share the same beliefs and brainstorm ideas on how we can make a difference within our own communities. I also met new mentors as I now look up to many of my councilors and speakers as they shared their own personal stories and gave us a whole new perspective on this difficult issue. A weekend packed with informative lectures and fun activities including poster competitions and pro-life jeopardy, this was by far my favorite event of this summer! Now as I prepare to take on my senior year, I have a list of brand new ideas to bring to my school pro-life club. I encourage everyone to get involved in this movement in whatever way they can. It's up to us to use our God given talents and technology to get this message across the world, whether it be through writing, drawing, music, dance, and especially social media. It is possible and we will make a difference! I have made it my personal mission to be a voice for these innocent babies and I pray that you too will find the same affection for these precious gifts waiting to be brought into the world.

Legislative Victory! 72 hour abortion wait period passes General Assembly

This week, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015, which extends the abortion wait period in North Carolina from 24 to 72 hours. The legislation now moves to the office of Governor Pat McCrory, who has announced his intention to sign the bill into law. North Carolina mothers considering an abortion will now have a 72 hour consideration period after receiving information about the procedure from a physician, either in person or by phone. North Carolina joins four other states that have already signed a 72 hour abortion wait period into law: Missouri, South Dakota, Utah, and, most recently, Oklahoma. The 72 hour wait period will give mothers an opportunity to reflect on the life-altering decision they are considering after receiving informed consent information. As bill co-sponsor, Representative Jacqueline Schaffer, said, "The poorest decisions that we make are the ones we make under pressure and on impulse. We want women to be equipped with the right information as they are going to make that decision." Maria Gallagher recently highlighted what a “devastatingly permanent” action an abortion is in her article, “With Abortion, There Are No Do-Overs.” With the life of an unborn child on the line, a few days’ reflection is a prudent requirement that we hope will give mothers a chance to see the other, life-affirming options available to them. It must be pointed out that this legislative victory was only possible because of the ordinary North Carolinians who are willing to stand for life in the legislative and political realms. Grassroots support, such as your calls, letters, and visits to legislators, and attendance at our Pro-Life Lobby Days are essential for letting our representatives know that North Carolinians care about protecting life. As we like to say regarding pro-life political involvement, elections have consequences. The result of pro-lifers showing up at the polls, supporting pro-life candidates, establishing and maintaining relationships with pro-life office holders is protection for unborn children and their mothers. Along those lines, be sure to check if your state Senator and House Representative supported the 72 hour wait period bill (H465) and thank them for doing so! See how your Senator voted here and how your Representative voted here. Keep up the good work, pro-lifers! Your efforts are making a difference for mothers and babies in our state. Other helpful resources:

If you’re not sure who represents you in the NC General Assembly, use this tool to find out.

Find your NC House of Representative’s contact information here.

Find your NC Senator’s contact information here.

Petition: Pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protect Act

Whereas, with the advent of sonograms and live-action ultrasound images, neonatologists and nurses are able to see unborn babies react physically to stimuli such as sound, light and touch. ellmersbwWhereas, anatomical studies have documented that the body structures necessary to feel pain are present at 20 weeks after fertilization. Whereas, US House leadership pulled the bill from consideration on January 22 due to Representative Renee Ellmers’ public statements and behind the scenes attacks on the bill.

Therefore, we the undersigned appeal to US Congress to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 36) and for Rep. Ellmers to cease and desist efforts to torpedo the legislation.

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Click here for more background information on Representative Ellmers' efforts to block the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

State DHHS releases proposal for updated abortion facility rules, public comment period opens

On December 1, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released a proposal for updated abortion facility rules, beginning a 60-day public comment period.
The proposal comes as a result of the 2013 Health and Safety Law Changes, the pro-life omnibus bill passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor McCrory. The law stipulated that the state DHHS work to update abortion facility rules, bringing them closer in line with regulations for other outpatient ambulatory surgical centers. The rules have not been updated since the mid-1990's. [Read more...]