We want to end abortion by educating women. Too often abortion advocates seek to rush women through this life-altering decision, hiding the short-term and long-term medical, emotional and social consequences. Statistics about NC abortions: Statistics on preterm delivery and cerebral palsy: Information about post-abortion: Student Education Packs Students of all ages receive, free of charge, informational packets for preparing for debates, reports, papers, and presentations. Packets include statistical information and general information on the life issue. Students for Life Groups organized on college campuses for the purpose of furthering the goals of the pro-life movement. Click Here for the website Teens for Life Groups organized on high school campuses for the purpose of educating teens about the life issue. Come to the National Right to Life Teen for Life Convention. Get all the details here Victims of Abortion State affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee providing a voice for women who have been victimized by abortion. State and Regional Fairs All are invited to visit our booths at the Dixie Classic, Mountain State, NC State, and Cleveland County, Cumberland County, Alamance County, and Pitt County Fairs, as well as visiting the other festivals at which our chapters have booths. To request further information please contact us.
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