Heart to Heart Media Campaign

WHAT IS "HEART TO HEART CAMPAIGN" AND HOW DOES IT SAVE BABY'S LIVES? It is a campaign by North Carolina Right To Life that raises funds for commercials that run on T.V. in North Carolina which help women make the choice to have their baby and gives them the phone number for their local pro life pregnancy centers. These commercials started running in 2007 and have been very effective in bringing down the rates of abortion in North Carolina since then. These commercials are only able to run by the donations of people who are pro life. In other U.S. cities that these ads have run, abortion rates have decreased by 40% to 70%! These commercials are so effective that in 2007 they actually saved the life of one baby per $25 donated!   Right now we are focusing these ads on Charlotte (The #1 city in N.C. in abortions performed at 40%) but our goal is to raise enough funds to be able to run these commercials in every city in North Carolina and eventually every city in America.
Please visit our Heart to Heart partner, Virtue Media, for additional samples of the powerful ads.  
  • alternatives to abortion such as adoption.
  • getting help from Pregnancy Care Centers.
  • show 4-D Color Ultrasound of a baby inside the mother's womb.
  • show kids who's parents chose not to have an abortion talking about how they are glad their parents decided to have them instead of an abortion.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP SAVE LIVES, Please mail your tax-deductible contribution to N.C. Right to Life Inc. Education Fund, P.O. Box 9282, Greensboro, NC 27429-0282.  Please make checks payable to NCRTLEF and note the Heart to Heart Media Campaign in the memo line along with the area of the state in which you would like the donation allocated. Please help us spread the word by sharing this information with your friends and family. .  For further campaign details, please contact the N.C. Right to Life office at 1.800.392.6275 or email us at ncrtl@aol.com.


The Heart to Heart Campaign began in 2007 with donations totaling $66,000. These donations were for running TV ads specifically in the Charlotte Metro area. At that time, one third (about 11,000) of all NC abortions were done in Charlotte. After running the pregnancy help and post abortion ads, there were 1,853 fewer abortions in Charlotte in 2007 than in 2006. Since 2007, we have continued to run the ads; but, due to fewer contributions, we have not been able to run as many of these life-saving, life-affirming ads. Through the generosity of donors, we ran a series of ads in January of this year and plan a series before year's end. Whatever donations are raised through the cause will go toward running additonal TV ads to help mothers know about the alternatives to abortion and to let her know that there is help for her and others following an abortion. The campaign is grateful to all those who have given in the past and those who will support the cause in the future.