History of Law Passed by 2013 Legislature

The State House passed H716, Clarify Law/Prohibit Sex Selection Abortion, and H703, Insurance and Health Care Conscience Protection.  The State Senate added took the provisions from these two bills and provisions in S308, Amend the Woman's Right to Know Act plus language to require abortion facilities to be similar to ambulatory surgical center to H695, Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act.  The Senate passed the bill. When it got to the House,  the Governor threatened to veto the bill because of the requirements for the abortion facilities. When H695 came back to the House, there was a two hour hearing in the Health and Human Services Committee. At the committee meeting, the public as well as pro-life and pro-life groups spoke, the Secretary of DHHS expressed concerns about the language in H695, and the committee had the opportunity to ask questions and express their reservations.  Following the hearing, the Governor threatened to veto H695unless certain provisions where changed.  The House, in order to accommodate the Governor and his DHHS, took S353, a motorcycle safety bill, which had already passed the Senate and was currently waiting in the House for consideration. They added the language from H695 with which the Governor had no issue and changed the parts that caused the Governor to threaten a veto.  Those provisions have become our current law.  The House passed S353, Health and Safety Law Changes as amended and sent the bill back to the Senate for concurrence.  The Senate concurred on July 25 and the Governor signed the bill into law on July 29.