Life Affirming Testimonials


Share a testimony to save a life!

This page is dedicated to those mothers who have chosen life for their unborn children when they were faced with an unplanned pregnancy. If you have an adoption testimony, please share that testimony with us as we promote adoption as a positive alternative to abortion. The purpose of the page is to give hope to those mothers considering abortion that they would find the encouragement to go through with their pregnancy and say "no" to abortion. If you have a testimony you wish to share with others, please contact us at  Put "Testimony for Web Site"  in the subject line. The main criteria is that the testimony be of encouragement to abortion vulnerable mothers to give birth to their children rather than choose abortion. You can remain anonymous if you wish.  We will use only first name or initials if you prefer.  We will respect your wish to remain anonymous.



Share a testimony to say thank you!

We welcome testimonies from those mothers whose decisions to give birth were positively affected by these testimonies.  In this way, all the mothers who share will be encouraged and blessed by this page.  

Thank you in advance to all who contribute to this effort.