NRL Academy


North Carolina Right to Life (NCRTL) is one of several state affiliates of National Right to Life (NRLC) that sends students to the NRL Academy each year.  

NCRTL also has the NC Scholarship for Life  which has enabled four students to attend the academy. If you wish to apply for the scholarship, you must first be accepted to the academy.  Contact us at if you are interested in applying for the scholarship. NRLC describes its academy this way: "Launched in the summer of 2007, the Academy was created by the National Right to Life Committee staff to build on the work of the National Youth Pro-Life Coalition, an enormously successful lobbying training program in the early years of the pro-life movement. The NYPLC was the training ground for many of today’s pro-life activists, including Representative Chris Smith, and our own Academic Director, Burke Balch. The National Right to Life Academy is a pro-life educational boot-camp for student leaders who want to refine their pro-life passion. Graduates from the Academy are equipped with the tools and training to defend life in any battleground, whether it be on a college campus or in the office of a congressman. " If you wish to attend the NRL Academy, visit the NRL Academy web site and follow the directions for the application process: click here.