Pro-Life Information and Lobby Day-Success!

Pro-Life Information and Lobby Day held on April 23, 2013, was a Success!

Approximately 150 pro-lifers from across the state came to the legislature, not to lobby for any benefit for themselves, but to be a "voice for the voiceless," advocating for the unborn and for the vulnerable of all ages and wishing to be an encouragement to the legislators.
  • From 9:00 until 11:30 am, the 1100 and 1200 courts of the Legislative Building were filled with table displays of groups whose mission is, in full or in part, pro-life.  If you were there, perhaps you saw the tables and had a chance to speak to the groups' representatives.
  • At 11:30, pro-lifers gathered in the 3rd floor auditorium to hear from Lt. Governor Forest, Speaker Pro Tempore Stam, and legislators from both the House and the Senate.  Hopefully, next year, more of legislators will be free to come speak to the group.
  • After attentively and appreciatively listening to what these elected officials had to say, the group was dismissed to get t-shirts: the pink ones had a graphic against sex-selective abortions while the white ones said "Americans born to be free if only free to be born."  With their t-shirts on, they went to their respective legislators' offices to let them know of their support of the pro-life bills in the House and Senate.
  • Finally, these pro-lifers sat in the gallery in both the House and Senate for a short time. We hope that legislators saw them there, even if they missed them in the halls and at their offices.
They wore stickers reading "Opt Out! Abortion is not Healthcare," addressing the need for legislation which prevents health insurance plans sold in NC, especially in the exchange being set up by the federal government, from offering abortion as a benefit except through a separate rider paid for by the person wishing such coverage. Because every abortion takes the life of an innocent human being, no health insurance plan should include elective abortion as an option unless the person wishing such coverage pays for it.  NC Right to Life trusts the legislators agree and will support this opt out provision when it comes up in committee and on the House floor. In closing, we will continue to lobby these legislators so they know that we are counting on their support for all of the pro-life bills and are looking forward to these bills meeting the crossover deadline.