Start a Chapter

 IMPORTANT: Contact the state headquarters prior to the meeting of your intent to start a chapter.  

To be recognized as a chapter, a group needs to request in writing to be recognized and send a list of the officers with contact information and membership donation if the officers are not members at the time of the request. The request will be reviewed and voted on by the North Carolina Right to Life Board of Directors at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

 Chapter Basics 

            STARTING A CHAPTER IS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3...  1. Find a meeting place: This can be a community hall, a meeting room at the library, a meeting room in a restaurant or other public place that has meeting rooms for which there is no charge for use of the facility. 2. Enlist the help of friends, family, pro-life pastors and clergy, and any other pro-lifers in the community that you know.             These people can help you make phone calls, make contact with local pro-life churches to deliver bulletin insert information, make refreshments, provide for duplicating the agenda and other handouts, and any other activities needed as you prepare for your first meeting. Nearby chapters can be very helpful in suggesting activities for your chapter and for encouragement.  (Ask the state headquarters for the name of the closest active chapter. ) The state headquarters can also supply materials and a video to show at your first meeting. Someone from North Carolina Right to Life will also attend your first meeting to discuss the role of the local, state, and national "right to life" organizations. 3. Advertise the meeting! Ask the area pro-life churches to put an announcement in their bulletins.  Contact the people on the list that is supplied to you by North Carolina Right to Life and ask them to come to the meeting. These are individuals who are supporting or have supported the state organization.  Ask them to bring a friend to the meeting.
                                            (SAMPLE ANNOUNCEMENT)
            Please join us for an organizational meeting of the new local chapter of North Carolina Right to Life.  We will meet at ( location ) at ( time ).  We will discuss chapter activities and feature a pro-life DVD.  For more information please call  (name of person to call ) at   ( phone number to call ).  PLEASE JOIN US!   CONDUCTING THE MEETING
Prior to the meeting try to find individuals who would be willing to serve in the following capacities:             Chairman - conducts the meetings, serves on the board of directors of North Carolina Right to Life, and manages the day to day activities of the chapter.             Vice-chairman - conducts the chapter meetings in the absence of Chairman/woman and does such other duties as might be assigned by the Chairman/woman.             Treasurer - maintains the financial records of the chapter by recording receipts and disbursements and files an annual report to North Carolina Right to Life in the manner requested by the state headquarters.             Secretary - sends out meeting announcements, takes the minutes of the meeting and types up minutes for distribution and approval at next meeting, maintains a binder containing the agenda, minutes, and written reports of each meeting.   

Have this slate of officers ready

to present for approval at the meeting. 

1. Print up an agenda for the meeting and have it duplicated for the number of people you think might attend the meeting. (Ask the state headquarters for a sample agenda)  The Agenda will become a record of the meeting along with any other handouts.  2. Assign someone to take minutes.  This person could be the person who has indicated an interest in being the Secretary.  (Ask state headquarters for sample minutes.) 3. Ask the person who is interested in being Treasurer to handle the receipt of any monies collected at the meeting.  All officers must be members of North Carolina Right to Life.  Be sure to have a supply of membership brochures on hand at the meeting for those who wish to join.  The chapter can keep $5 of any membership donation of $25 or more.                                                              AT THE FIRST MEETING             A. Explain the purpose of the chapter:              The chapter in your area links to North Carolina Right to Life, the state affiliate of The National Right to Life Committee.  It provides a local resource base for the grassroots and helps accomplish the goals of the state and national organization with regards to education and public policy initiatives.            B. Discuss and determine (if possible) chapter activities that will be conducted by your chapter.               You may decide to begin with one activity and build to more Suggested activities:
  • Help North Carolina Right to Life with a project.
  • Sponsor a Mother's Day (or other time of year ) Signature Ad. Click here to see an ad done by Alamance County RTL
  • Have a booth at local fair, festival, and other such event.
  • Hold a candlelight vigil or a prayer service on January 22.
  • Organize a Life Chain on the first Sunday in October.
  • Check with the state headquarters for other ideas.
             C. Set a day and time for your monthly meetings.  Be sure to decide the date and time of the next meeting before adjourning your first meeting.  Take into consideration the schedules of the officers of the group and any other key persons in your group. Remember not to schedule meetings  that would conflict with the times that churches meet.             D. Elect or appoint officers.              E. Educate by showing a film and having a speaker              F. Serve light refreshments.              G. Determine the geographic area and decide on a name for  your  chapter.             H. Pass around a sign-up sheet.                   It is very important that you get the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and church affiliation of those attending your first meeting. Having those who attend complete a survey sheet would also be a good idea.  (Ask the state headquarters for a sample sheet.)              I.  Encourage each person to come to the next meeting and to bring a friend.                                  Give each person a task to complete before the next meeting in order to keep them interested.