Barack Obama, pro-abortion extremist -- and why the news media avoid tough scrutiny of Obama's abortion history

-- August 23, 2012

Media Advisory: Mainstream news media again subjects Republican pro-life positions to hyper-scrutiny and extrapolation, while ignoring President Obama's positions on current legislation on late abortions and abortion for sex selection-- August 20, 2012

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NRLC to Obama and Reid: Bring on the abortion debate -- November 21, 2009

NRLC: Reid abortion language "completely unacceptable" -- November 18, 2009 Obama Speaks, NRLC Responds on Stupak-Pitts Amendment -- November 9, 2009 NRLC Says House Abortion Vote "Disrupts the Obama Administration's Pro-Abortion Smuggling Operation," But Further Battles Ahead -- November 7, 2009

Federal agency directly funds abortions under new Pelosi bill (H.R. 3962) -- October 29, 2009

AP cites abortion clash as NRLC warns House on public plan -- October 23, 2009

NRLC: White House press secretary's remarks show White House still engaged in smuggling operation for government funding of abortion

-- October 8, 2009 To view or download a pdf version of this press release, click here.

Press release: National Right to Life says new events in Congress further uncover pro-abortion agenda in health care bills -- September 30, 2009

NRLC: Baucus bill has abortion subsidies, dangerous Medicare provisions -- September 16, 2009

NRLC responds to Sebelius comments -- September 13, 2009

Obama perpetuates abortion funding myth in address -- September 9, 2009

NRLC Memorandum: Regarding the use of federal funds (public funds) to pay directly for elective abortions and to pay for insurance plans that cover elective abortion under H.R. 3200 (rebutting the "private funds" myth) -- September 7, 2009 NRLC Memorandum: Why the "Hyde Amendment" will not prevent government funding of abortion under H.R. 3200, the House Democratic leadership health care bill -- September 3, 2009 Key points on pro-abortion provisions in Obama-backed health care bills -- August 26, 2009 (PDF file) FactCheck.Org: "Which Side is Fabricating on Abortion?" The independent FactCheck.org has examined President Obama's August 19 claim that it is "not true" and "a fabrication" that his health plan will "mean government funding of abortion," and NRLC's challenge to the Obama claim. Read the full FactCheck.org article here.

Obama Says "Government Funding of Abortion" is "Fabrication," But the White House-Backed House Bill Explicitly Authorizes It-- August 19, 2009

NRL News Update: Congress to Vote in September on Obama-Backed Health Bills that Would Greatly Expand Abortion -- August 6, 2009 To view or download PDF version, click here.

NRLC Factsheet: What do the "health care reform" bills backed by President Obama have to do with abortion? -- August 13, 2009 (PDF file)

Associated Press analysis confirms: "Obama plan would allow coverage for abortion"-- August 5, 2009

NRLC release: Obama-backed health bills threaten biggest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade -- July 20, 2009 NRLC urges U.S. House to reject bill to provide abortion funds in District of Columbia -- July 15, 2009 To view or download the letter in PDF format, click here. Memo from NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson to "journalists and other interested persons" regarding "sweeping pro-abortion mandates in pending 'health care reform' legislation -- July 10, 2009 To read a letter sent by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) to other members of the U.S. House of Representatives, quoting Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and five pro-abortion groups regarding the abortion mandates they want in "health care reform," click here. -- July 9, 2009 (PDF file) NRLC urges U.S. House to reject government-funded abortion in nation's capital-- July 2, 2009 To view or download the PDF version of the letter, click here. NRLC to U.S. House: Oppose Tri-Committee "health care reform" bill -- June 24, 2009 (PDF file) NRLC sends second letter to U.S. House against pro-abortion State Department bill -- June 9, 2009 (PDF file) NRLC letter urges U.S. House to reject State Department bill -- June 5, 2009 To view or download the letter in PDF format, click here Obama budget recommends tax-funded abortion in nation's capital -- May 7, 2009 NRLC responds to new NIH guidelines on human embryonic research-- April 17, 2009 NRL News: Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress hoping to impose sweeping abortion mandates in "health care reform" -- April 9, 2009 To view or download the PDF version (updated May 18, 2009), click here. NRLC letter to U.S. Senate opposing confirmation of Dawn Johnsen as assistant attorney general -- March 27, 2009 (PDF file)
The Presidential Record on Life: President Barack Obama (a one-page summary of Obama's anti-life actions so far -- PDF file)
Obama opens door to human embryo farms -- March 9, 2009 Sebelius nomination continues Obama abortion agenda -- March 3, 2009   Repeal of Conscience Protection Regulation is Next Step in Enactment of Expansive Obama Abortion Agenda -- February 27, 2009 Obama orders funds to pro-abortion groups; Senate agrees, 60-37 (NRL News) -- February 4, 2009

Obama Administration, new Congress poised to push broad pro-abortion agenda (NRL News) -- January 2, 2009 To view this article in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), click here.

"Wish list" memo sent to the Obama transition by an alliance of over 60 pro-abortion groups (PDF document) -- November, 2008

Obama and Born-Alive Infants: Who Told the Truth? Click here to find out.

"Unholy Messaging" -- Obama's sweeping pro-abortion agenda and his pre-election attempts to divert attention from it, by NRLC's Douglas Johnson-- click here to read.

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