Thom Tillis wins the GOP Primary in NC for the US Senate

On Tuesday, May 6th, NC House Speaker Thom Tillis won the Republican primary in NC for U. S. Senate with over 45% of the vote. With the win, he has earned the right to challenge Kay Hagan for the Senate seat she currently holds. 10247426_10154052797005147_6646060593943641160_n Tillis has been a champion of pro-life legislation; under his leadership, the General Assembly passed numerous pro-life bills into law, including the following:
  • Women's Right to Know Act
  • Unborn Victims of Violence Act (Ethen's Law)
  • Ban webcam abortions
  • Prohibit abortions in the state, county, and city employee health plans
  • Opt out of abortion in the federal health exchange
Representative Tillis was endorsed by National Right to Life for the primary and the General Election. He now faces Kay Hagan in the General Election. Senator Kay Hagan has consistently voted against pro-life legislative initiatives, and has declared her intention of voting against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bill, if passed, would protect the lives of unborn babies 20 weeks and older, who are fully capable of feeling the excruciating pain of surgical abortions. Hagan's spokesperson described the act as an "anti-women's health bill" and said Hagan will not be supporting the bill. Thom Tillis, in contrast, has promised his support of this important piece of legislation. Many political minds think that this contest will determine which political party controls the U. S. Senate in 2015.