You did it! Pro-life victories on Election Day pave way for life saving legislation

Election Day brought great news for unborn babies and their mothers here in North Carolina and across the country. The victory of pro-life U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis over pro-abortion incumbent Kay Hagan was just one of the many wins by pro-lifers. Of 130 races where NC Right to Life’s Political Action Committee (PAC) made endorsements, 112 of our pro-life candidates won. In the extremely close U.S. senate race, pro-life candidate Thom Tillis came out on top by less than 50,000 votes. Tillis’s pro-life leadership stands in stark contrast to his opponent’s support of abortion-on-demand for all nine months of pregnancy. The Tillis-Hagan race proved to be one of a few key races across the country to ensure a pro-life majority in the 2015 U.S. Senate. Tillis and the other newly elected pro-life Senators will serve six-year terms, during which time pro-life legislation that has been blocked the past several years will finally be able to reach the Senate floor. All pro-life incumbent members of the U.S. House of Representatives from North Carolina were re-elected, with two new pro-life congressmen, Mark Walker and David Rouzer, replacing retiring pro-life members. The U.S. House continues to have a pro-life majority, which has seen its strength increase with the election of more pro-life members to its ranks. At the state level, the vast majority of NCRTL PAC-endorsed candidates won their races for the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives (30 of 35 and 69 of 79, respectively), maintaining the pro-life majorities that have passed important lifesaving legislation over the past several years. Your efforts and your vote were vital to making these victories possible. Thank you! We are grateful for all of your efforts: voting on behalf of the babies at the polls, educating other voters about the candidates’ positions on life through social media, in your communities and churches, at the NC state fair, and in conversations with friends and families. Your efforts truly made a difference. (National Right to Life's Andrew Bair wrote a fantastic piece outlining how pro-lifers were instrumental in Thom Tillis's victory.) Of course, as we celebrate our victories we know that our work is just beginning as we head into a new legislative session. We will be working with our newly elected representatives to enact lifesaving policies at both the state and federal level. We look forward to updating you and working together on those efforts!